What Is The Best Gutter Guard & Leaf Guard For Best Use In Bushfire Areas

Trying to determine what will be approved by Council and complies with the Australian Standard 3959. A metal-based gutter protection system is usually the best solution. For a gutter protection product to comply for use in bushfire prone areas it must satisfy the following:

  • Be non-combustible: Meaning that it should not ignite once fire hits it. There are companies out there promoting fire retardant or flame-retardant plastic gutter protection. Beware of these types of plastic products, as they are not fireproof and often can be combustible. A metal-based system is often fireproof. UltraGuard Aluminium mesh is CSIRO certified and tested with a fire rating of 0 (the best rating possible). The range is from 0-5 with 5 being combustible and 0 being fireproof.

  • Be certified by CSIRO authority or equivalent. Click Here to view the UltraGuard CSIRO Test Certificate.

  • Be able to provide full roof protection. Any good gutter protection gutter guard system must be able to protect all gutters and valleys. It is pointless if only your gutters are protected, and your valley is not. Leaves and debris collect as much in your gutters are they do in your valleys.

  • Be Flexible: It is important that the material being used is malleable (flexible) enough to contour to your roof profile for tile and metal roofs. It must not create any cavities in which flaming embers can enter. Often the thicker mesh products are usually inflexible and often with tile roofs once tucked under the second row will leave a gap which is a major danger for embers to enter. UltraGuard Aluminium is made from a flexible material and engineered thickness which will allow for the tiles to sit back in place perfectly and with no or minimal gap.
  • Correct Mesh Opening: It is essential that water can still enter your gutters. So, the right mesh opening is a MUST. To ensure that water cleans out any residue inside your gutters water needs to be able to pass through the mesh holes. Include a pic of ultra guard perfect mesh aperture. Also, without the correct mesh opening water will not enter the gutters and as such will not be able to harvest the rainwater into your tank. Flyscreen or Fine Mesh is a major obstacle for water to enter. Can you imagine how water will pass through a hole size that is not much bigger than a pinhead? So, beware of such flyscreen material products as once water hits them the holes will close, and water will simply flow over the mesh and not into your gutters, this effect is called Sheeting. UltraGuard has engineered the perfect mesh size to prevent sheeting.

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